Our Passion for Food

Food, especially in the early years, should never be an afterthought.  We have professional chefs creating healthy appealing dishes all day and our tea is not just a snack, but a hot filling meal. 

Our menus are designed following the Caroline Walker Trust.  Using this as our guidance, we can ensure that all children within our care will receive nutritional homemade meals each day. This guidance supports our chefs to design menus which provide all 5 of the major food groups throughout the day.  This means that should a child eat our menu daily, they will be given all the nutrition they need for body and brain development, and it's yummy too!

For more information on the Caroline Walker Trust please visit:


Key Principles of Our Menus

Homemade with no added salt and low sugar

Plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables

Starchy, wholemeal carbohydrates

Calcium &

vitamin D rich

Omega 3, iron, zinc, magnesium,  E & B vitamins 

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